I can accept failure,
everyone fails at something.

But I can't accept not trying.

-Michael Jordan- 

About Our Laboratory...

Our research group had been focusing on the research of GaN-based optoelectronic materials and light emitting devices including LEDs, resonant cavity LEDs, Lasers and VCSELs for the past several years funded by the National Science Council and Ministry of Education under the Academic Center of Excellency program.

LED 成長趨勢  
LED application


Our team has made major breakthroughs in quantum confined microcavity devices including: (1) Epitaxial growth technology on QD structures; (2) High reflectivity GaN-based DBR epitaxial structures; (3) Fabrication of GaN nanorods and microcavity; (4) Optically pumped GaN VCSEL at room temperature. These cumulative experiences will be the basis for the further realization of the microcavity QD GaN-based VCSEL devices.

LED backlight LED application Solar