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      Our research group had been focusing on the research of GaN-based optoelectronic materials and light emitting devices including LEDs, resonant cavity LEDs, Lasers and VCSELs for the past several years funded by the National Science Council and Ministry of Education under the Academic Center of Excellency program.

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1.   賀   本實驗室郭浩中老師獲聘「特聘教授」

2.   賀   本實驗室博士生廖祐廣之研究成"透過奈米晶粒量子點之輻射以及非輻射能量轉移在可撓式非真空墨水印刷銅 銦鎵硒(CIGS)薄膜太陽能電池上達成11%之效率提升"獲得CLEO postdeadline接受發表

3.   賀   郭浩中、盧廷昌及王興宗教授研究團隊之研究成果"混合式布拉格反射鏡製作室溫電激發垂直型共振腔面射型雷射新穎應用"獲得SPIE news room專題報導

4.   賀   郭浩中教授獲得OSA Fellow in CLEO:2012

5.   賀    本實驗室博士生王朝勳之研究成果"在高電流密度下改善載子傳輸行為及效率的新LED結構"獲得SPIE news room專題報導

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